It  is a whole wide entertainment app that can go in your pc, phone and Xbox. It  contains movies, live action, true movies and soaps and music and many others.It was first founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, United States  by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings  when downloads were  successful in 2008. This  app is very useful  as you can do not need to  leave  your house and if you have iLivid , when it is downloaded you do not get buffing and you can watch the whole program without interruptions. They are many  products like Netflix with differences and similarities like Love Film, Blinkbox or Now tv.

Netflix can also reduce the amount of cd’S  being made , it will at some point will make cd’s  be obsolete  as  you reduce the amount of garbage in the house.  If  a cd gets  broken it is not usable. However, with a  Netflix account this will not happen as everything is on the web. In approximately   5 years  I  believe  there has been a lot of progress  made to make if faster and easier to find what you are looking for ,and  it is cheaper.

They   add  new  shows to Netflix each and every day. I can say it would be a lot faster than finding it on the web. I believe  in the future there will be no cd’s or tapes  and it will be possible  to find everything   with a single click.  Netflix is only $8 a months for 2 screen of 4 for 12$ a month.


Sat Nav:

The sat nav is a useful piece of technology. It can be used to find  out when you are lost, it will find out where you are and take you to the right path.  Today that can be on a phone so you do not need two devices and  also  they can be in cars. They can find places,  for  example, if you need petrol or need  to go to the bank or find  somewhere to eat,a sat nav will help. The sat nav can find speed cameras  or traffic jams and then can automatically  take you to an alternate route without you knowing the area.

The sat nav can give you options for what route to take like the shortest route, shortest time, the least fuel consumption  and you can also ask it to avoid tunnels or toll roads. And  you can have a voice of your choice like male, female, homer Simpson etc. The new  sat nav can also let you call people from the phone  as it is intergraded to your phone. If you say to the sat nav that you are a pedestrian  or using a bicycle  the sat nav can give you other and shorter routes that a car cannot take. Some cons are however, if it’s attached to the car you cannot take it with you . It can be lost or stolen and a part can go missing and then you may not be able cannot stick it to your car. The sat nav can get annoying if you want to take an alternate route just to see something or to pick someone up.


It is a engineering piece of software  built to create blue prints  like phones, computer, wall clocks. When I used this software it was complicated, as your measurements have to be correct  to build it. You first find the coordinates that is easy like x,y  or x,z or y,z and should begin with the centre . Then cut out any dimension and then give a 3d image. Then cut for that piece then do the other pieces.

At that point when you have all the pieces join them and create your final item.  The 2009 version is $299.95 that is quiet a lot of money but I guess it is necessary for all engineering. I would not get Solidworks  if I did not want to be an engineer. Also, it is has a lot of data for it to operate too. If you  only want to see  the product, it can be seen in another  file  and then you do not  need to buy Solidworks. Usually when  you finish a piece and if you have if too many measurements or too little it does not define the item. I had a leaving cert problem because of it. I believe all planning for engineering should be done on Solidworks  instead of  on an A3 page that might get lost or have  mistakes on it  or become messy  so that you could not see the drawing clearly.

When you’re doing the DCG project( Leaving Cert) you will see how identical the real thing  is to your finished project. I am  not  familiar  the latest version  of Solidworks but I would  imagine  it is very inpressive.

schools in the future

This could be the new thing for people in education. A personal educational computer pad. It would have digital data in it for use by secondary and primary school students. Plus, sample questions that can be corrected (answered) by the data base or the teacher e.g. English. This could be applied to all primary and secondary schools this would significantly reduce the amount of trees cut down by thousands. Just say how many did the Leaving Cert? Multiply this by approx. 200 pages per book, approx. 7 subjects per student, that includes Junior Cert also. This is a huge number of pages!
The bags that also have to be carried they would be beyond heavy for students. In this educational computer pad the principle and vice principle could see easily the difficulties that each student has and then could suggest to the teacher what action to take. The pad would be much lighter and students would be able to take it anywhere and have a filing system that is easy to find what is needed instead of finding it in a folder.
I do know that sometimes a teacher would like a hand written essay but the amount of paper needed would be reduced. Also, more significantly the teacher could send homework to the student that could be put on their diary of the pad. Then there would be fewer excuses not to have the work done from being sick or on holiday etc.
I think this has to be the new thing for all schools for the future.

innovative entertainment

Ouya is the new hardware that is portable and weightless. The box can be very unnoticeable unlike Xbox or play station as they are very big and a bit of a hassle to take all the plugs out. They are two different types 16GB that is 129$ or for 99$ that is just 8GB. From what I heard the controller was badly made but they allow certain games to use other controllers. They also put in another great feature that allows you to try out the game and if you like it then you can pay for it and if you do not like it you do not have to pay for it.

The players are: VEVO, iheartradio, TuneIn, XBMC, Plex,, and OnLive. You can also Play games, watch videos, and listen to music   within OUYA, in the comfort of anywhere with of course a screen. Some say it is not very good right now but after a while they and I think that it is going to be the complete new thing for entertainment.

Also another good thing is that it does not require any cd, everything is downloadable. An issue I have is that it has only three sockets, one for power, one for the controller and one for the screen. There needs to be more sockets for multiplayer. I think they have it in an online multiplayer. I do not have this piece of hardware but hopefully I will help you find what you are looking for in entertainment.


I think Siri is a very useful app, it has many functions but all you have to do is speak. It can work out things that you say if you have trouble spelling, it can also be used to call someone without searching the contact. With it normally on iPhone the keyboard is quite small so likely you will get it wrong if you hit the wrong letter and the typing speed is slow and saying it would be a lot faster. You can also use the software to read things out to you like reports or essays or worst of all; blogs. I also think this app can be used with people with less experience with computers then all they need to know is how to activate it. I do know that background noise can confuse it so it is most useful in a quiet room.
Another piece of software that is close to Siri is R&WG (Read & Write Gold) It would be useful for work as it can spell check and also read like Siri. The disadvantage of it is that it has a lot of data. It will mostly be of benefit to a person with dyslexia unlike Siri that can be used by anyone. In R&WG it has predictive text that give suggestions to the user to help them create better sentences. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and that it has been of some use to you. Look forward to seeing you next time.