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Animation software

Animation is an art form that has captured the human imagination for a very long time. Even though the necessary technology for recorded animation dates back to just over a century ago, archaeologists have discovered even pre-historic attempts to depict motion in images. Allowing creative people such freedom to represent new worlds and new possibilities, it’s no wonder that we fall in love with animation as children and continue to appreciate it into our adulthood.

So it’s also no surprise that animation is everywhere in our contemporary lives, from simple interactive web pages to immersive 3D games.

3D Animation


This program, currently owned and maintained by Autodesk, is an industry standard for 3D animated movies, television, and games, as well as computer generated 3D effects in live-action entertainment.


In large production studios, you aren’t likely to see this open-source software as often as others. However, if you are working with a budget and/or undertaking 3D animation for your own projects, Blender might be a good option for you as it’s completely free.

3DS Max

Another product by Autodesk, 3DS Max is a fully featured animation software, geared to a larger extent toward the gaming market.

2D Animation


Adobe’s universally known development environment and animation tool is still used extensively. It has a reputation for being easy to use and very flexible with 2D animators for lots of web-development purpose.


Often discussed as a competitor to Flash, ToonBoom has gained traction and won over a significant fan-base. While more companies still use Flash for may projects, some houses are turning to ToonBoom for its ability to produce high quality graphics with greater reliability when it’s used as a drawing. accessed on 25/2/14



Find My IPhone

Find My iPhone:

In these times you cannot afford to lose your phone. With this it makes it easier to find your phone I have lost one of my phones and for many people with work, social, and others business contact you could lose all necessary information I have only just found this app and I am thinking of getting it.

It says it works by some using that same app and it sort of works like a Sat Nav and point you in the right direction. If you want more information type it in to Google. And here is a the following website I have found at ( )

iOS 7 bug discovered that allows disabling of ‘Find My iPhone’ without password
By Cody Lee, Feb 6, 2014
By Cody Lee, Feb 6, 2014
A major flaw has been discovered in iOS 7 that seemingly allows users to disable the important ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on a device without typing in the typically-required password. Turning off the feature on a stolen device makes it invisible to Apple’s location service.

And what’s worse is, the flaw isn’t difficult to exploit. The bug can be reproduced on any device [that we’ve seen] running iOS 7.0.4 by following a few simple steps that involve making changes in the iCloud section of the Settings app and entering in a dummy password…


Online world games:

They are a lot many kinds of online world games that can be seen in ( some are adventure, social, romantic, etc. In some way they can get addictive to some people that they can shut yourself from the outside world that because the  real world is just to cruel too some people.

A very common one is “World of Warcraft” I do not have it but I  intend to get it. It is a  huge game that you can go on quests in teems or go individually as yourself. It also allows you to collect things from the  quests

In the game “Second Life” is more for the social aspect than World of Warcraft as you can have more romance in Second Life than in Warcraft. I source that you will find what world you are looking for in wed page above if you a looking for one. And here is some location that is on Second Life ( )

Jasmine’s Hollow

Jasmine’s Hollow is an Adirondack steampunk haven that’s great for friends, romance, photography or just relaxing. Secluded cabins are tucked along the forest and waterfall-fed lake. Why not row and cuddle in a romantic boat while you look for the hidden cave? Or discover the crash site below the Dirty Grind. Discover all of this venue’s many surprises!


Disembark from the nearby ship and immerse yourself in this romantic, secluded spot hidden deep on the grid of Second Life. Could this be Eden?


Whispering Winds

Welcome to the retreat called Whispering Winds. Home to three performance venues, a redwood forest, caves to explore, and many romantic spots. Use the provided teleport posts or explore on your own!


Dream Scene

Dream Scene lets you and a loved one design a special fantasy evening. Choose from one of the many romantic themes — there’s everything from a Roman bath to a space cave — then, sit back and let the floating bubble whisk you off on a magical getaway.

Interacting hardware:


The Wii is entertainment software with a twist that if you move the remote it will? respond with similar actions. They are 2 new types the Wii u and the is the first realistic hands on game and   I am not including eyetoy game I could guess that is where the idea stated. The Wii was released by Nintendo on November 19, the start there was few game where like in play station 1 but as the years when on they now have so many like they are in  games to ps3.

I do have a Wii and if you are a singer and dancer I would recommended this or if you want to take exercise programs to get fit I would entirely recommended it. In the Xbox Kinect, in some ways it is better that you do not even need a remote. But for people that cannot jump there is a problem that you cannot go the play station move is different in that you have a wand and it can be fooled if you are moving it very fast and respond with an eye I do not know the recent new ones and how the work but I can say that in the PS4 or the Xbox1 I some area will be better and others will not. But from both consoles discussed Wii is the best for the time being in my opinion.

sky go

If you are in the UK, as well as a Sky TV customer, then you may be glad to hear that the Sky Go Tablet Android app is finally live in the Google Play Store. The app has been delayed a number of times, so it’s great to see it appear at last. Sky says that Sky Go Tablet is compatible with the majority of Android tablets that are 7in or larger and running Android 4.0 or later. We noticed no problems loading it onto our Xperia Tablet Z and Xperia Z Ultra. We would be surprised if older Xperia tablets such as the Xperia Tablet S weren’t supported either. Head to the Google Play Store to download Sky Go Tablet. ( 2013)


SkyTV, one of New Zealand’s biggest broadcasters, has followed in TVNZ’s footsteps by launching SkyGo, an iOS app that enables Sky subscribers to stream content on compatible laptops, mobiles or tablets.

The new app has been marketed by the Sky website as a tool that ensures subscribers can watch their favourite shows on ten selected channels no matter where they are, free of charge. ( 2013)

We’re delighted to announce that Sky Go is now available on a selection of Android smartphones, including the popular Samsung Galaxy and a selection of HTC handsets.

As I mentioned on this blog last month, we know Sky customers who own Android smartphones want to watch Sky Go and we hope they’ll be impressed by the bespoke design and functionality it gives them to enjoy content when and where they want.

In addition, we’re also launching three more Entertainment channels on Sky Go on mobile platforms, with Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Arts 1 joining Sky Atlantic on Sky Go on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. ( 2012)


See more at:


Reference:     accessed on 24/2/14 accessed on 24/2/14



It  is a whole wide entertainment app that can go in your pc, phone and Xbox. It  contains movies, live action, true movies and soaps and music and many others.It was first founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, United States  by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings  when downloads were  successful in 2008. This  app is very useful  as you can do not need to  leave  your house and if you have iLivid , when it is downloaded you do not get buffing and you can watch the whole program without interruptions. They are many  products like Netflix with differences and similarities like Love Film, Blinkbox or Now tv.

Netflix can also reduce the amount of cd’S  being made , it will at some point will make cd’s  be obsolete  as  you reduce the amount of garbage in the house.  If  a cd gets  broken it is not usable. However, with a  Netflix account this will not happen as everything is on the web. In approximately   5 years  I  believe  there has been a lot of progress  made to make if faster and easier to find what you are looking for ,and  it is cheaper.

They   add  new  shows to Netflix each and every day. I can say it would be a lot faster than finding it on the web. I believe  in the future there will be no cd’s or tapes  and it will be possible  to find everything   with a single click.  Netflix is only $8 a months for 2 screen of 4 for 12$ a month.




This is a piece of hardware that makes a 3d image of light. Holograms  can be seen on Sci Fi,  like in Iron Man, Star Wars  or the most realistic  and the real thing  Hatsune Miku, a singing Japanese star. If you put her name on the web you will see the stunning  image . In the future I hope that the technology can turn out the way  it is seen in Star Trek,  in which  a person sees a 3d image of an object  for the learning of physics, biology or any other subjects.

A  hologram works by  manipulating bundles of rays of a 2d image and  then they go through a photography plate 45ᵒ (approximately) and it creates a 3d image. Eventually they will be able to make a hologram without  it looking like a light where you will not be able not to tell the difference from the  hologram and the real thing. But I believe that this has already happened for some occupations, for example,  in certain surgeries now, doctors can see the holograms in front of them and they use this as a practice for the actual  procedure. Also, they can interact with the hologram and see the resulting reaction. This helps them prepare for the real thing.

Tupac Hologram

They are many other features  of holograms but I guess I can’t go through them all in this blog.There are many other websites that would have different descriptions of holograms and their many uses in today’s society.