It  is a whole wide entertainment app that can go in your pc, phone and Xbox. It  contains movies, live action, true movies and soaps and music and many others.It was first founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, United States  by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings  when downloads were  successful in 2008. This  app is very useful  as you can do not need to  leave  your house and if you have iLivid , when it is downloaded you do not get buffing and you can watch the whole program without interruptions. They are many  products like Netflix with differences and similarities like Love Film, Blinkbox or Now tv.

Netflix can also reduce the amount of cd’S  being made , it will at some point will make cd’s  be obsolete  as  you reduce the amount of garbage in the house.  If  a cd gets  broken it is not usable. However, with a  Netflix account this will not happen as everything is on the web. In approximately   5 years  I  believe  there has been a lot of progress  made to make if faster and easier to find what you are looking for ,and  it is cheaper.

They   add  new  shows to Netflix each and every day. I can say it would be a lot faster than finding it on the web. I believe  in the future there will be no cd’s or tapes  and it will be possible  to find everything   with a single click.  Netflix is only $8 a months for 2 screen of 4 for 12$ a month.



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