Interacting hardware:


The Wii is entertainment software with a twist that if you move the remote it will? respond with similar actions. They are 2 new types the Wii u and the is the first realistic hands on game and   I am not including eyetoy game I could guess that is where the idea stated. The Wii was released by Nintendo on November 19, the start there was few game where like in play station 1 but as the years when on they now have so many like they are in  games to ps3.

I do have a Wii and if you are a singer and dancer I would recommended this or if you want to take exercise programs to get fit I would entirely recommended it. In the Xbox Kinect, in some ways it is better that you do not even need a remote. But for people that cannot jump there is a problem that you cannot go the play station move is different in that you have a wand and it can be fooled if you are moving it very fast and respond with an eye I do not know the recent new ones and how the work but I can say that in the PS4 or the Xbox1 I some area will be better and others will not. But from both consoles discussed Wii is the best for the time being in my opinion.


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