This is a piece of hardware that makes a 3d image of light. Holograms  can be seen on Sci Fi,  like in Iron Man, Star Wars  or the most realistic  and the real thing  Hatsune Miku, a singing Japanese star. If you put her name on the web you will see the stunning  image . In the future I hope that the technology can turn out the way  it is seen in Star Trek,  in which  a person sees a 3d image of an object  for the learning of physics, biology or any other subjects.

A  hologram works by  manipulating bundles of rays of a 2d image and  then they go through a photography plate 45ᵒ (approximately) and it creates a 3d image. Eventually they will be able to make a hologram without  it looking like a light where you will not be able not to tell the difference from the  hologram and the real thing. But I believe that this has already happened for some occupations, for example,  in certain surgeries now, doctors can see the holograms in front of them and they use this as a practice for the actual  procedure. Also, they can interact with the hologram and see the resulting reaction. This helps them prepare for the real thing.

Tupac Hologram

They are many other features  of holograms but I guess I can’t go through them all in this blog.There are many other websites that would have different descriptions of holograms and their many uses in today’s society.


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