Animation software

Animation is an art form that has captured the human imagination for a very long time. Even though the necessary technology for recorded animation dates back to just over a century ago, archaeologists have discovered even pre-historic attempts to depict motion in images. Allowing creative people such freedom to represent new worlds and new possibilities, it’s no wonder that we fall in love with animation as children and continue to appreciate it into our adulthood.

So it’s also no surprise that animation is everywhere in our contemporary lives, from simple interactive web pages to immersive 3D games.

3D Animation


This program, currently owned and maintained by Autodesk, is an industry standard for 3D animated movies, television, and games, as well as computer generated 3D effects in live-action entertainment.


In large production studios, you aren’t likely to see this open-source software as often as others. However, if you are working with a budget and/or undertaking 3D animation for your own projects, Blender might be a good option for you as it’s completely free.

3DS Max

Another product by Autodesk, 3DS Max is a fully featured animation software, geared to a larger extent toward the gaming market.

2D Animation


Adobe’s universally known development environment and animation tool is still used extensively. It has a reputation for being easy to use and very flexible with 2D animators for lots of web-development purpose.


Often discussed as a competitor to Flash, ToonBoom has gained traction and won over a significant fan-base. While more companies still use Flash for may projects, some houses are turning to ToonBoom for its ability to produce high quality graphics with greater reliability when it’s used as a drawing. accessed on 25/2/14



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