Online world games:

They are a lot many kinds of online world games that can be seen in ( some are adventure, social, romantic, etc. In some way they can get addictive to some people that they can shut yourself from the outside world that because the  real world is just to cruel too some people.

A very common one is “World of Warcraft” I do not have it but I  intend to get it. It is a  huge game that you can go on quests in teems or go individually as yourself. It also allows you to collect things from the  quests

In the game “Second Life” is more for the social aspect than World of Warcraft as you can have more romance in Second Life than in Warcraft. I source that you will find what world you are looking for in wed page above if you a looking for one. And here is some location that is on Second Life ( )

Jasmine’s Hollow

Jasmine’s Hollow is an Adirondack steampunk haven that’s great for friends, romance, photography or just relaxing. Secluded cabins are tucked along the forest and waterfall-fed lake. Why not row and cuddle in a romantic boat while you look for the hidden cave? Or discover the crash site below the Dirty Grind. Discover all of this venue’s many surprises!


Disembark from the nearby ship and immerse yourself in this romantic, secluded spot hidden deep on the grid of Second Life. Could this be Eden?


Whispering Winds

Welcome to the retreat called Whispering Winds. Home to three performance venues, a redwood forest, caves to explore, and many romantic spots. Use the provided teleport posts or explore on your own!


Dream Scene

Dream Scene lets you and a loved one design a special fantasy evening. Choose from one of the many romantic themes — there’s everything from a Roman bath to a space cave — then, sit back and let the floating bubble whisk you off on a magical getaway.


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