It is a engineering piece of software  built to create blue prints  like phones, computer, wall clocks. When I used this software it was complicated, as your measurements have to be correct  to build it. You first find the coordinates that is easy like x,y  or x,z or y,z and should begin with the centre . Then cut out any dimension and then give a 3d image. Then cut for that piece then do the other pieces.

At that point when you have all the pieces join them and create your final item.  The 2009 version is $299.95 that is quiet a lot of money but I guess it is necessary for all engineering. I would not get Solidworks  if I did not want to be an engineer. Also, it is has a lot of data for it to operate too. If you  only want to see  the product, it can be seen in another  file  and then you do not  need to buy Solidworks. Usually when  you finish a piece and if you have if too many measurements or too little it does not define the item. I had a leaving cert problem because of it. I believe all planning for engineering should be done on Solidworks  instead of  on an A3 page that might get lost or have  mistakes on it  or become messy  so that you could not see the drawing clearly.

When you’re doing the DCG project( Leaving Cert) you will see how identical the real thing  is to your finished project. I am  not  familiar  the latest version  of Solidworks but I would  imagine  it is very inpressive.


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