Sat Nav:

The sat nav is a useful piece of technology. It can be used to find  out when you are lost, it will find out where you are and take you to the right path.  Today that can be on a phone so you do not need two devices and  also  they can be in cars. They can find places,  for  example, if you need petrol or need  to go to the bank or find  somewhere to eat,a sat nav will help. The sat nav can find speed cameras  or traffic jams and then can automatically  take you to an alternate route without you knowing the area.

The sat nav can give you options for what route to take like the shortest route, shortest time, the least fuel consumption  and you can also ask it to avoid tunnels or toll roads. And  you can have a voice of your choice like male, female, homer Simpson etc. The new  sat nav can also let you call people from the phone  as it is intergraded to your phone. If you say to the sat nav that you are a pedestrian  or using a bicycle  the sat nav can give you other and shorter routes that a car cannot take. Some cons are however, if it’s attached to the car you cannot take it with you . It can be lost or stolen and a part can go missing and then you may not be able cannot stick it to your car. The sat nav can get annoying if you want to take an alternate route just to see something or to pick someone up.


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