I think Siri is a very useful app, it has many functions but all you have to do is speak. It can work out things that you say if you have trouble spelling, it can also be used to call someone without searching the contact. With it normally on iPhone the keyboard is quite small so likely you will get it wrong if you hit the wrong letter and the typing speed is slow and saying it would be a lot faster. You can also use the software to read things out to you like reports or essays or worst of all; blogs. I also think this app can be used with people with less experience with computers then all they need to know is how to activate it. I do know that background noise can confuse it so it is most useful in a quiet room.
Another piece of software that is close to Siri is R&WG (Read & Write Gold) It would be useful for work as it can spell check and also read like Siri. The disadvantage of it is that it has a lot of data. It will mostly be of benefit to a person with dyslexia unlike Siri that can be used by anyone. In R&WG it has predictive text that give suggestions to the user to help them create better sentences. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and that it has been of some use to you. Look forward to seeing you next time.


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