schools in the future

This could be the new thing for people in education. A personal educational computer pad. It would have digital data in it for use by secondary and primary school students. Plus, sample questions that can be corrected (answered) by the data base or the teacher e.g. English. This could be applied to all primary and secondary schools this would significantly reduce the amount of trees cut down by thousands. Just say how many did the Leaving Cert? Multiply this by approx. 200 pages per book, approx. 7 subjects per student, that includes Junior Cert also. This is a huge number of pages!
The bags that also have to be carried they would be beyond heavy for students. In this educational computer pad the principle and vice principle could see easily the difficulties that each student has and then could suggest to the teacher what action to take. The pad would be much lighter and students would be able to take it anywhere and have a filing system that is easy to find what is needed instead of finding it in a folder.
I do know that sometimes a teacher would like a hand written essay but the amount of paper needed would be reduced. Also, more significantly the teacher could send homework to the student that could be put on their diary of the pad. Then there would be fewer excuses not to have the work done from being sick or on holiday etc.
I think this has to be the new thing for all schools for the future.


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